Mary Lambeth Moore is the author of the novel Sleeping with Patty Hearst, and also a former fiction editor of Carolina Wren Press in Durham, NC (now Blair).  She serves as Senior Writer for Self-Help, a non-profit network of credit unions and policy advocates working to expand economic opportunities for people of color, women and rural residents.  

Mary's has ghostwritten for CEOs, national policy leaders and community advocates. Since 2017, she has produced or managed half a dozen short documentaries on the history of financial institutions founded by groups such as African-American farmers, Mexican immigrants and textile workers. In her work with Carolina Wren Press, she edited In the Arms of Our Elders by William Henry Lewis -- a collection of stories praised by writers such as Ann Beattie and Peter Matthiessen.  

Mary grew up in Reidsville, NC and received degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.  She now lives in Raleigh with her husband, Bill Gowan, and her singer-songwriter son Max (when he's not away at college). Sleeping with Patty Hearst is her first novel.