"I see us at odd angles and in blurry multiples. Each of us saw more than the other two knew, but everything was a secret ... You and I lied to [our mother] routinely. "We don't have any homework." "These shoes fit fine." "No, we didn't hear the rain last night." Much of our lying wasn't significant or even necessary, but it seemed natural to us, almost a courtesy ..."

   - Lily in Sleeping with Patty Hearst

"I got completely swept up" 

- author Lee Smith


After the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, but decades before #MeToo ... Lily Stokes grows up in a small North Carolina town caught between a flamboyant Southern belle mother and a rebellious half sister. The mother has a loaded past and a wayward boyfriend. All of them have secret lovers.


An edgy look at small-town North Carolina during the 1970s, Sleeping with Patty Hearst explores love, loss and what it means to miss someone forever.   

"I got completely swept up in Sleeping with Patty Hearst ... Moore is a natural storyteller with a great story to tell in this novel."

          - Lee Smith, author of Dimestore, The Last Girls

​             and many other award-winning books. 

"Sleeping with Patty Hearst is the finest work of literary fiction I have read in the last ten years--a great book by a writer who has the potential to be very influential on the American literary scene."

​                  - Robert Morrow, author of Ringing True

"Moore creates characters who are addicting to the reader."

 - Anne McCarthy, English Professor at NC Central

"The Paris Review"- review by critic AltRock Chick (who lives in Paris)

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